Blushing Zettel’z (limitierte Edition) von Ingo Maurer

The limited edition Blushing Zettel’z is no longer available.

Material: Japanese paper, stainless steel, heat-resistant glass, 80 printed sheets DIN A5
Size: approx. 80×80 cm
Illuminant: E27, max. 250 W and E27, max. 75 W



His tent lamps are as spectacular as they are simple. Metal, paper, glass and light are the elements that condense into an expressive work of art and yet to a filigree beauty that is unique.

Between 80 and 120 centimeters in length are the long, thin metal rods that stick out in all directions. They are equipped with a variety of labels – each lamp realizes their own theme, alternatively that of their new owner. How to build this artful clutter, explain exactly how to do it.

The limited edition Blushing Zettel’z is one of Maurer’s most exquisite creations. He has brought the erotic figures from a visit to Japan and photographed.